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What is a Senior Consultant

Always young at heart and with lots of experience to draw on.
An overwhelming desire to tell a beautiful story like the ones parents read to children so they have beautiful dreams.

La seule signature au bas d’une vie blanche c’est la poésie qui la dessine. (The only signature below the unwritten story of a life is the poetry of that life. – René Char)

What does a Senior Consultant bring

Triple expertise gained over 20 years in Consulting, Publicity and Event Management.
Close, responsive teams created specifically for each case and experienced in these communication techniques.

Our greatest successes

Unforgettable brand identities

Outstanding advertisements

Corporate campaign for Dentsply Sirona

Corporate campaign for Dentsply Sirona

Crisis management

COSEM, the biggest private medical centre group in France

Spectacular events

Lasting slogans

Personality communicator for 20 years

Eric Atlan a été de tous mes combats récents pour la réussite d’opérations industrielles. Imaginatif et se présentant comme « communicant » il est beaucoup plus que cela, toujours prêt à regarder derrière les chiffres les réalités des opérations...

Season’s wishes that stand out

You are tempted

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